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We originate, process, fund, and service all of our loans. We are a full-service, private lending company facilitating bridge loans, acquisition loans and construction financing. Our clients are builders, real estate entrepreneurs, investors and wholesalers in need of efficient financing to complete a transaction.

While we primarily lend in the west coast, mountain west, and southeast markets, we partner with borrowers and developers across the country to provide funding in a quick and responsive manner. We pride ourselves on efficiency, transparency and for always honoring our commitments.

Why Partner With Sundance Bay Debt Strategies?

Limited Credit Availability

Conventional banks & other lending sources remain under fiscal and regulatory pressure. Sundance Bay Debt Strategies (SDP) can cut through the red tape and give you a decision within 24-48 hours. We often can close a loan within one week after origination.

Flexible Terms

Traditional bridge/hard money lenders are localized, unstructured and carry exorbitant pricing and terms; very few institutional bridge/private lending funds exist. We evaluate each project based on its own merits. We try to find pricing that is appropriate given the underlying risk, but we strive to find terms that will still put our borrowers in a position to succeed.

Partners You Can Rely On

We are former/current developers who understand what it takes to develop and complete projects. SDP draws on our experience to set up your project for success. We expect every transaction to result in a “win-win” outcome. As a direct lender with a large amount of capital, you can rely on us to never miss a funding date. To date, we have funded hundreds of loans and have never missed a funding date. We step in when other lenders are unable to perform.

Acquisition and rehab

Financing the acquisition of all commercial assets types plus residential subdivisions (horizontal and vertical)

Secure finished lots to enable builders to move forward with vertical construction

Rehab of “value-add” residential, office, retail and commercial buildings

Development and Construction

Provide construction financing for residential and commercial projects

Structure multi-phase horizontal and vertical construction financing on large-scale condo, townhome and apartment projects

Offer office and retail financing for projects with 50%+ pre-leased

Bridge Financing

Fund 1st position loans secured by high quality real estate projects

Consider a range of commercial projects such as hotels, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers and medical buildings

Build creative structures and employ cross-collateralization strategies to help borrowers lock up properties at appropriate LTVs

Additional Loan Types

Stabilized Commercial Properties
Lease-up/Non-stabilized Properties
Opportunistic Purchases
Distressed Asset or Note Purchase
Mezzanine Financing (2nd Position)

Due Diligence

We utilize a robust due diligence process to verify that the assets we lend against meet our lending parameters. By partnering with third parties to provide independent market, legal, and title work, we can expedite the approval process and have confidence that the proper care and rigor has been applied to each respective lending opportunity. Our team strives to complete due diligence within 1-4 weeks of receiving the loan application so we can get projects funded in a timely manner.

Borrower Assessment

Credit score
Equity in project

Asset Valuation

Loan-to-value (LTV)
Loan-to-cost (LTC)
Pro forma feasibility
Use of funds


Comps and/or BPO1
Market growth
Significant risks

Title and Legal Review

1st or 2nd Deed of Trust
Clear title — No tax/mechanic liens
Outside legal docs

Pricing Strategy

Interest rate
Loan Term

Exit Strategy

Retail sell-out value
Projected cash flow
Refinance options

Lending Parameters

Loan Term: 3-36 months
Rates: 9%-13%
Origination: 1.0%-4.0%
Loan Size: $2-$20MM
Footprint: National with strong west coast, mountainwest, and southeast presence
Recourse: Limited recourse available
Funding: 1-4 weeks
Prepayment Penalties: None
LTV: 80%
LTC: 90%

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