Stan Ricks

Stan Ricks

Managing Director

Debt Strategies

Stan has over 30 years of real estate development and investing experience. During his career, he has bought, sold, managed, leased, built and capitalized over $500 million in real estate ventures. He is formerly the CEO of Trophy Homes where he built over 2,000 homes during his tenure with the company. He is a current owner of and/or investor in office buildings, retail centers, mobile home parks, residential land, and multifamily properties. Additionally, he has been an early investor in a number of start-up companies such as Omniture, Zuka Juice and Altius Health Plan. Stan received his Bachelors in Estate and Financial Planning from Brigham Young University, where he taught from 2000 to 2011 as an adjunct professor teaching advanced real estate development and investing courses.

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