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Tempe’s Largest Mural

See video here

The largest mural in Tempe is now being created by muralist and local artist, Aztec Smurf.

Smurf is painting a giant Gila Monster, a lizard native to the valley, across a 50 x 55 ft. wall of The Mark, an apartment complex on the corner of Lemon St. and Terrace Rd. As a local who grew up in Tempe and attended ASU before becoming a full-time artist, Smurf was thrilled to be selected out of many other artists to work on the project. The entire mural is being painted with regular paint and paintbrushes, and will be covered with a clear coat to be better protected from the sun.

The apartment complex was recently acquired by Sundance Bay, a Utah based company. This mural is the first of many improvements promised at The Mark.

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